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Georgstr. 48 · 30159 Hannover
Germany ·  

Tel +49/511/357356-0
Fax +49/511/357356-29 ·

Online form to contact us:




 First consultation 232 EUR*


 Internet site check 590 EUR*


 received admonishment check 290 EUR*


 admonishment check which can be dispatched 290 EUR*



Data to the examination of an Internet site



Please indicate the second and top level domain which is to be verified, e.g.:



Products and/or services advertised

Please list at least those products and/or services which are to be supported by means of the homepage; describe in detail what goods and/or services the homepage is to be used for, also in future



Data to check a admonishment

Competitor and the reason for the admonishment

If you have received an admonishment, please send us the admonishment and the demanded cease-and-decease letter as soon as possible; explain briefly why you consider the admonishment legitimate or illegitimate
If you want to issue an admonishment, please indicate your competitor and the reason for the admonishment





Name, Company:



Contact address:












E-Mail address:




Here you can state further remarks or make suggestions if you wish

Please use the form below for any enquiries or to request a reference. Please fill in at least the fields marked “Name” and “E-mail address”.

This form is sent per e-mail. Having sent the form you will not be redirected to any home page Your form has been successfully sent if you do not receive an error report. Should you have any problems sending this online form, you can print it and fax it to us (+49 0511.590910.55) or send it per e-mail as an attachment (

We adhere to the data protection regulations. We are not allowed to reply to anonymous enquiries. As long as there is no client-lawyer relationship, we do not save the data you sent us. As lawyers, we are obliged to secrecy by law. If needed and for your safety we recommend you to codify confidential data when sending it to us.

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us at our Hanover office. We offer flexible hours – apart from our usual office hours we will happily meet you outside these times by appointment.


Horak Attorneys-at-Law
Georgstr. 48
30159 Hanover, Germany

Tel: +49.511.357356.0
Fax: +49.511.357356.29

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