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Intellectual property protection (applying for and defending patents, trademarks, designs, domains, plant varieties, etc.), IT law (internet law, telecommunication law, etc.), as well as contracts, clauses and court rulings related to the above-mentioned areas of law can be found at (presented by our attorney-at-law Michael Horak).

Trademark attorneys: information on trademark law and trademark protection, applications forms and the Trademark Act can be found at and

Information relating to advertising and competition law can be found at

Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Posts: this website (at comprises the appropriate acts and official regulations of telecommunications law (download possibility).

The German Patent and Trademark Office offers comprehensive support in all areas of protective rights that can be registered at or at You can download among others leaflets (e.g. „How to register a trademark?”) and official forms. The collection of links includes the remaining patent offices all over the world.

The Bundessortenamt provides comprehensive information on plant varieties protection rights and rights relating to agricultural crops at

Federal laws can be found at

The University of Saarbrücken offers a comprehensive collection on legal topics at

The American association AIPLA presents its activity in the area of commercial property protection at

A multilevel information platform concerning all issues relating to the European Union, including its legal acts, directives, etc. can be retrieved at the official server at

The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centre offers a detailed overview of domain name dispute resolutions.

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