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Michael Horak, LL.M.


Julia Ziegeler


Anna Umberg, LL.M., M.A.






it attorney at law  Dipl.-Phys. Andree Eckhard, Patent-Lawyer in germany


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internet attorney Behrend

Dipl.-Phys. Andree Eckhard


Katharina Gitmann-Kopilevich


Karoline Behrend






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Andreas Friedlein



Dr. Johanna K. Müller


Andreas Friedlein



We are familiar with internet in all its legal and technical aspects. We do, however, offer more. Our lawyers are a team of highly specialised experts covering all areas of commercial law. You might already know us from former co-operation. You may have read scientific publications written by one of or lawyers, you may have participated in our seminars or you may have heard about us elsewhere. Should this be the first time that you have heard about us, you will get to know us as a reliable legal partner who will help you achieve your goal. We may as well appeal to you because of our profile and practice areas, which your network of experts does not yet cover.

Michael Horak, LL.M., Graduate engineer, specialist intellectual property law, ip specialist
copyright and media law specialist,consultant engineer

Educational and professional background

Born in 1967; studied law and electrical engineering in Stuttgart, Erlangen and Hanover; 1994 graduated in electrical engineering; 1995 - 1998 associate at the patent law office; 1996 1st degree in law; 1997/1998 associate at international law offices, among others at Clifford Chance (London); 1998 final degree in law; 1999 LL.M. (Master of Laws); specialization: „European Management and Employment Law“ at the University of Leicester (England); 1998/2003 publications: „Environmental protection and competition“, in EUDUR, Prof. Rengeling, ed.).

Since 2000 advising engineer of the Chamber of Engineers in Lower Saxony.

Sworn interpreter/translator for courts and notaries of the district Hanover (English).

1998 - 2002 associate at Ritter, Gross & Partner.

Since 2003 partner at the law office Horak.

Admitted to Local Court and Regional Court Hanover, also admitted to the Regional Appeal Court Celle, licensed to practise before all German local and regional courts.


International Bar Association; British-German-Jurist-Association, German-American Lawyersメ Association; American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA); Task Force on Employment Law of German Lawyer Association; European Economic Interest Grouping of Independent Law Firms (EAK EWiV); Legal Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright (GRUR); German Law and Informatics Association (DGRI e.V.); Association of German Electrical Engineers (VDE); Association of Experts on Legal Protection of Industrial Property (VPP e.V);

Julia Ziegeler, Lawyer, specialist intellectual property law, ip specialist

Anna Umberg, M.A., Lawyer

Dipl.-Phys. Andree Eckhard, Patent-Lawyer

Katharina Gitmann

Karoline Behrend

Dr. Johanna Müller, Patent-Lawyer

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